​​I offer  counseling in a format of a one-on-one individual, couples, or family sessions. You can contact me and we will discuss what works better for you! I specialize in the following areas:

1.Fighting Couples

If you are determined to stay in the relationship, but are frustrated by constant lack of communication, misunderstandings, continuous fights; if you are distancing from each other but would like to get closer - this program is for you.

Typically it takes 12-sessions of couples counseling for clients to improve in this area. You will understand the reasons for your miscommunication and learn new communication techniques; will practice new skills of respectful talking and attentive listening to each other. We will also work on increasing your intimacy and improving your sex life; on family budgeting; on parenting; on establishing better connections with your in-laws. You will receive a lot of helpful handouts and other resources.

2. On the edge of divorce

If your relationship has achieved an extremely stressful point where both or one of you are thinking about divorce, but you would like to give it a final try - this program is for you. 

Typically it takes 10-12-sessions of couples counseling, in which you will be able to assess the depth of your divide and make an informed decision on whether you can stay together and what exactly it will involve, plus you will make a binding agreement to work on it according to the rules that we will establish together. In case you figure out you would like to proceed with divorce, I will consult you on the steps you need to undertake in order to proceed smoothly and in the friendliest possible manner.

3. Improving your relationship

If your relationship is stable but you feel you lack in some areas, like affection, sensuality, or sexuality; you or your partner easily lose your temper; you cannot agree on your parenting strategy; you have different views on money spending; you would like your partner to spend more quality time with you, or you have any other concerns - this program is for you.

In the 8 to 10 session counseling program, which can be done individually, with your partner, or a combination of two, you will be able to get specific practical help with your issues, including practicing making your budget; planning your future fun activities and trips together; improving communication; strategies of communicating with respect and controlling your impulses; being able to express openly and without fear your concerns to your partner; bringing your sex life to a completely different level. 

4. Managing your anxiety

If you are suffering from unreasonable fears, are worried about everything without any reason; if you've had or are currently having panic attacks that may be confused with a heart attack; if you are afraid of flights, heights, driving far away, certain animals, public speaking, being in crowded places, etc. - contact me!

In this individual counseling you will be able to learn specific tools and practice new skills, allowing you to first achieve a much lower level of anxiety, and then, through following a behavior modification plan, you will be able to reduce it to a comfortable level where it will not bother you on a daily level. You can conquer your anxiety!

5. Anger management and addictions

If you cannot control your impulses, if you lose control over your emotions and actions in an angry state, if you yell and say unpleasant things to people close to you - it is time to seek help! I do individual anger management, where you will learn the roots of your anger, your specific triggers, and the tools for managing it.

If you drink excessively or use recreational drugs and would like to quit but failed on your own, if you would like to find non-judgemental help and accountability, contact me, and we will create an individual plan to help you overcome your addictions!     

I also counsel people who are struggling with finding their significant other. I help them to be successful in dating. Read my article on the Articles'Page! 

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